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Natural Hair and Wellness Summit
Are You Ready to Enhance and Transform Your Natural Hair and Health?
20+ of the natural hair and wellness industry known-experts came together in one place during the Natural Hair and Wellness Summit to hand over the SECRETS behind boosting the beauty of your natural hair and live your best life with proven health regimens!
Here's just a sample of what the speakers talked about on the Natural Hair and Wellness Summit:
  •  How to shed excess weight and improve your health through proven wellness practices
  •  Amazing tips and secrets to healthy hair
  •  What can help increase glowing and youthful skin, nails and hair
  •  How to avoid common mistakes when styling and maintaining your natural curls
  •  Proven strategies to quickly boost your sex life
  •  ...and much, much more!
Thrive & take your natural hair and wellness to the next level with helpful proven strategies, tips and practices!
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SPeakers Featured in
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Brandelyn Green
CEO of The Brand and Product Voice of Hair, Pure Fix
Jasmine Thomas
M. Ed., Educator, Author, Entrepreneur, and Life Coach
Kimberly Lewis
CurlMix CEO and Founder, Natural Hair Innovator
Gwen Jimmere
Founder of Naturalicious and Pioneer in the Natural Hair Industry
Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey
Associate Professor & Personal Trainer
Kamaria Hill
CEO & Founder of Loccessories and Master Accessories Designer 
Tiffany Torrence
CEO, Aesthetician & Commercial Beauty Makeup Artist
Christine St Vil & Julian B Kiganda
Authors, Dynamic Speakers, and Mompreneurs
Goody Howard
Intimacy Consultant & Sexuality Educator
Tasha Branham
Founder of Naturally Smitten and Creative Artist
Nina Bryant
Celebrity and Professional Chef
Rochelle Graham Campbell
CEO & Founder, Natural Hair Blogger and Philanthropist
Tendai Morris
Founder of Healthy Hair Solutions, The Hair Whisperer
Aya Fubara Eneli
CEO, Inspirational Speaker & Life Coach
Dr. Glenna Anderson
LCSW Mental Health Therapist and Life Coach
Danielle Washington
CEO and Founder of Rogue Experiences, Travel and Wellness Concierge
Darrius Peace
Entrepreneur, International Speaker & Licensed Stylist and Natural Hair Expert
Donna Moody
Entrepreneur & Brand Ambassador
Angela Hawkins
CEO & Founder of Le Creatif Linen and Sleep Expert
Heather Cummings
CEO of CurlKit, Subscription and Membership Business Strategist
 meet YOUR 
Heather cummings
For over the past 7 years, Heather has ran a successful and established subscription beauty subscription service for naturally textured hair. She has worked with hundreds of brands, from known beauty brands to emerging gems and has introduced over 100k natural hair women to products that were not accessible to get 10 years ago. Her Journey began like most Naturalistas, looking for products and tools to help with the process and maintenance of enhancing the potential natural hair. She realized that there were so many products but not avenue to connect with them. What was a painful journey turned into a passionate commitment of helping natural hair women find products and tools that would empower their confidence and beauty of their natural hair. Featured in Essence, Ebony Huffington Post, Instyle to name a few; Heather’s love for natural hair and wellness has become an even more passionate focus that she believe has a strong presence for women looking to enhancing their internal and external beauty.     
555 Grand Ave Suite 7802, Trenton, NJ 08628
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